Monthly Archives: February 2012

Draw new businesses with integrity…

“Righteousness guards the one who lives with integrity,
but wickedness overthrows the sinner.” Proverbs 13:6

As Mayor Bach looks to attract new business to Colorado Springs, bring healthy businesses with leadership who operate in integrity and with Your high standards, Lord God.  Let the businesses who relocate to the Springs prosper and grow as You bless their efforts.

We pray for the media and politicians…

“These are the things you must do: Speak the truth, each of you, to one another…” Zechariah 8:16

Thank you Father for the freedom of the press and the right to elect our leaders.

We pray for the relationship between the media and the elected officials of our city. We ask that the media would be fair and honest in their coverage of the people in office and of the issues with which they are dealing. We ask that politicians would be clear and honest in their communications to and through the media. And we ask that the two parties would work together for the good of our city.

Awaken your bride in our City…

“Wake up! Wake up! Clothe yourself with strength, O Zion! Put on your beautiful clothes, O Jerusalem, holy city!” Isaiah 52:1

Father, thank you that you are stirring your bride from her slumber, that your people are awakening to your dawning brightness. May our eyes be opened to see the things of the Spirit, to see the hope of our calling in Christ Jesus, and to see that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in us. May we awaken to ride with you across this land, bringing your Kingdom wherever we go.

We pray for the writers . . .

“My heart overflows with a goodly theme; I address my psalm to a King. My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.” –Psalm 45:1 (Message)

Lord, we lift up all the writers, authors, poets and all those in our city who paint with words. Give them the revelation that they create for you first and man second.  Let their hearts overflow with themes that point to truth and to good. We ask you to raise up young and old writers whose hearts are ready to scribe words that heal man and please the King. Give them a tongue that is skilled. Give the writers in our city the courage and strength to speak forth truth — at all cost.

(by Lori)

We pray for people who are choosing mates…

“A noble wife is the crown of her husband, but the wife who acts shamefully is like rottenness in his bones.” Proverbs 12:4 Note: this applies equally if you reverse the genders. 🙂

Father, thank you that you designed us for sharing life with a marriage partner, enjoying intimacy, friendship and mutual support for a lifetime.

We pray for those who are dating or courting, those who are in love with someone and wonder if they are “the one”. Give them eyes to see clearly, ears to hear the good counsel of their friends and family, and a heart that responds to your guidance regardless of how they feel. If they are interested in the wrong person for them, may they see it clearly and move on.

We pray for the Family Life Marriage Retreat…

“With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible”. Matt 19:26
With  a divorce rate of 75%, military marriages are disappearing. Soldiers, after multiple deployments, are focused on war, not wives and children. Campus Crusade for Christ is providing two get away weekends in March to help husbands and wives reconnect. Last year, 80,000 folks worldwide found renewed hope, joy, love, romance, and godly tools to use. We join You, Jesus, in intercession for the success of these events and for the young couples who will choose to honor the vows they’ve made.

May our leaders stand for morality…

“To obey the Lord is the fundamental principle for wise living;
all who carry out his precepts acquire good moral insight.
He will receive praise forever.” Psalms 111:10

Lord God, move the governmental and other city leaders of Colorado Springs to take a stand for morality. Things take place in this City, as in all cities, that do not meet with Your standards, Lord. Prick the hearts and minds of Godly leaders in this City to raise their voices and object to the subjects that push the normal standards of decency in society. Let them not cower from speaking out for fear that they will be mocked or ridiculed. We call for the operational standards of our City to be raised to a new, higher level!