Declaration over Colorado Springs

Declaration over Colorado Springs (2016)

Colorado Springs is known for being a city on fire for God.  A city full of followers of Jesus Christ who walk in Kingdom authority, love, forgiveness, peace and grace.  A city where worship flows, grace abounds, and unity of believers is the highest goal for all Christian pastors and their churches.  It is a city where love wins out.

Angels gather in Colorado Springs to minister to the children of God.  They regularly appear to people, fight our battles, arrange Divine appointments, worship with us, and labor with us to see His glory fill the earth.

Colorado Springs is a city where God’s people move in supernatural healing of all kinds.  Signs, wonders and miracles flow naturally and happen regularly.  It is easy to get saved here and salvations happen daily.  As the Body of Christ in our city, we are so sensitive to the Spirit’s leading, we regularly lead people to Christ and intentionally disciple them.

Colorado Springs is a city where integrity is evident in government and all aspects of society.  We vote in people of good moral character who walk in justice and righteousness.  We are known to be a city with honest judges, city officials, and law enforcement officers–a city where corruption is not encouraged or tolerated.

We declare blessings and protection over the military bases and personnel in our city.  We declare that they will find Jesus and grow in Him while living in our city.  Their children will flourish here.  The Prince of Peace will dwell among them.

People in Colorado Springs are happy, healthy, and full of joy, peace and love.  The Spirit of God hovers over our city ready to perform His will and the Church is His voice to speak that will into existence.  We, the Body of Christ in Colorado Springs, speak blessings over our city and her people regularly.  We speak blessings and destiny over each other.  We bless and we do not curse with our mouths what God intends to bless.  We honor each other with our mouths and our attitudes and our deeds.

The youth of our city value their own lives and the lives of others.  This is a city where suicide has disappeared and people are flourishing with good mental health.  People are getting set free and delivered on a regular basis.  The schools in our city are safe places, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We declare our schools are violence free zones where all children have access to good education.

Colorado Springs is a city of creativity.  Creative answers will be available by revelation to solve problems in our city, state, nation, and the nations.  Creative business ideas will be brought forth that will bring prosperity to this region.

We are willing and eager participants with God to see his Kingdom advanced in our city.  We embrace and declare it is all about Jesus.  It is all about Jesus.  We lay down our own agendas and ambitions to see Jesus lifted high in our city.