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Law Enforcement 3

City Transformation: Law Enforcement

  • Pray for God’s wisdom as the Sheriff’s office reviews the incident and renders their judgement of what happened.

The recent shooting of a teen by a Fountain police officer (read more here) prompted this week’s prayer topic.  Details of the incident haven’t been released, but what has been released makes it sound like a tragic situation all around.

Contrary to what you see on TV, many police officers never use their guns and when they shoot someone, it can be a career-ending event, even if they are justified in using deadly force.

For many people in poor and/or minority neighborhoods, their interactions with the police are not positive and too often they “look like” a suspect to the police.

Our prayers this week are for improved relationships between the members of our community and for God’s wisdom for our law enforcement personnel as we together deal with issues and problems in our neighborhoods.