Monthly Archives: October 2010

Cause us to vote for righteous leaders…

“Since they show no regard for the works of the Lord and what  His hands have done,  He will tear them down and never build them up again.” Psalms 28:5

Father we repent for electing officials that are not qualified to hold their present offices, and that do not honor You and Your plans for the United States.  If the church had been awake in Spirit they would not have been elected. We pray that the Holy Spirit will stir the church, so we will participate in the coming election and play a decisive role in electing God-fearing men and women to replace those that are ungodly on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Lord, we  pray that You will help and guide us to vote for the leaders that You envisioned, those who will honor and revere You and seek Your wisdom in all decisions for our nation, its states, counties, parishes and cities. We ask for Your help in selecting judges, school board members, elected and appointed officials, and for any and all positions that have legal authority over us as American citizens. Oh Lord! Let the Holy Spirit guide churches throughout our Land! Let the church help change ungodly leadership into Godly in America through this opportunity so that the church will begin rebuilding our nation on the rock. Lord let this day be the D-Day of the beginning of a new journey of our return to You Lord!!