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We pray for Campus Crusade for Christ Military Ministry

The Amaleks had made war against the Israelites. Moses told Joshua to lead the battle. Meanwhile, he was going to climb a hill that overlooked the valley and pray.

When Moses prayed, he held his hands up and looked up to God as a sign of adoration and praise. But Moses arms grew tired. Aaron and Hur noticed that when Moses had his hands up, the Israelites were winning the battle. When his hands came down, they were losing. So, they brought a rock Moses could sit on. Then Aaron got on one side and Hur on the other and they held Moses’ hands up. Moses kept praying and Joshua won the battle. When it was all over, God told Moses to make sure Joshua knew what had happened and where his conquering power came from. So Moses built an altar he called “Yahweh Nissi”, which means “God is our banner.”
Thank you YAHWEH, our banner, for CCC Military Ministry’s support of our Troops here in Colorado Springs.  They are  as Aaron & Hur to our men and women in uniform, helping them to have the Victory that comes from You alone, O Lord.  Grant Military Ministry increased favor and success in their spiritual care to our Service Members and their families.