Repentance Prayer

Father God, we want to come into the fullness of your Kingdom on earth in this city through your church.

We come with repentant, expectant hearts and agree to turn away from and fully cancel agreements we have made with Your enemy and ours.  We particularly repent of the religious spirit that Jesus continually confronted in the Pharisees that we have allowed to work in us individually and corporately in this city. We repent for ourselves and the church in this city for having a form of truth without power and intimacy through the presence and indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

We repent for fearing man more than reverencing God and seeking honor and recognition from man rather than from God.

We repent for honoring other people over God and copying, desiring or worshipping another’s gift.

We repent for ourselves and the church in this city for being performance-oriented, serving You for Your approval and not out of love and gratitude.

We repent for pride and false humility.

We repent for being controlling and judgmental.

We repent for not listening to Your voice and being unteachable and not accountable.

We repent for loving our culture and tradition more than God, and in the process hindering others from entering Your Kingdom and fellowship with us.

We repent for neglecting the “weightier matters of the Law—right and justice and mercy and trustworthiness.”

We repent on behalf of the church in this city for knowingly or unknowingly operating in witchcraft, charismatic witchcraft, false healing, false revelation, or connecting to false power sources.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

We receive Your forgiveness, Lord God, for ourselves and Your church in this city.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Now, we declare that we will not substitute religious activity, or the operation of a counterfeit spirit, for the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through us.

We declare that we will not allow intimidation to cause us to give up the authority we have through the finished work of Christ to speak and act in His Name.

We declare that we will not allow our God-ordained gifts, assignments, callings, anointings and relationships to be quenched or hindered.

We declare that we will not hinder, but seek, the full operation of the 5-fold ministry among us.

We declare that we will not base our decisions and actions on emotion, intellect, legalism, traditions or personal comfort.

We declare that we will not allow the religious spirit to operate in our city to cause disunity or to hinder the visitation and continual dwelling of God among us!

In the mighty powerful name of Jesus and through the power of His shed blood, we hereby break, nullify and void every contract, every covenant, every dedication and ceremony contrived by men in allegiance with any demon, ruler, principality, territorial spirit or fallen angel that invited the spirits in the land or over the land or over the people of this city.  We hereby revoke every bit of authority that was given to them by man over the land or the people.  We declare that they do not rule here.  Lord Jesus, we invite you, Your Holy Spirit, Your kingdom and Your rulership into this land and over the people.

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