Unity Vision

This vision was given in January 2007 and tied into previous visions about Colorado Springs.  In 1988, I saw God’s hand of favor visibly come down to rest on our city.  In the painting, the start was the finger-like clouds, then the mountains.  No move of God can happen without UNITY (Ps. 133).  The C for Colorado has no turned to a U for unity. The blessing He is commanding in the painting is his fiery life from Father and Jesus’ throne (Rev. 22).  This river will bear “fruit” for the Kingdom, and healing is coming as this revival “leafs” out.  His liquid “kisses” fall from glory.  The fire will burn all dross from our lives, creating a reflective light people are drawn to.  Kisses of rain and fire fall from heaven, cleansing the mountain, the land and all it flows over as it widens to all of Colorado.                                   –Pat Dikeman

One response to “Unity Vision

  1. Amen. Especially “the fire will burn all dross from our lives”. As Colorado is cleansed we will affect the Bride worldwide. More later.

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