Monthly Archives: March 2012

We pray for the play, Women of Lockerbie…

Thank you Father for the power of your forgiveness and the power you give to forgive and reconcile.

We pray for the play showing this weekend, The Women of Lockerbie. As it examines the impact of terrorism on the families of the victims, we ask that your message of love, forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation comes through and touches the hearts and minds of those who attend.


We pray for the Safe Passage Child Advocacy Center…

“He sees there is no advocate;
he is shocked that no one intervenes.
So he takes matters into his own hands;
his desire for justice drives him on.” Isaiah 59:16

Thank you Father for the Safe Passage Child Advocacy Center here in Colorado Springs and for the work they do to minister to the victims of child abuse and non-offending parents.

We pray for your presence in their facility, providing healing to the victims. We ask you to reveal the truth of what has happened to them so that justice can be served while minimizing the trauma they experience.

We also ask that you would supply the finances for this important work in our community, whether it comes through donations or through tax money collected by the government.

We pray for the Warrior Support Group…

“They were all together in one accord.” Acts 2:1
Father, thank you for this timely group that centers on themes that
unite warriors’ hearts. May it continue to bring soldiers together from baby boomers to generation X’ers, from traditionalists to millenialists. Let unity continue to be their hallmark, providing communication and understanding between minds and hearts. Help this group to expand beyond Ft. Carson.

Send your people into the governmental mountain…

“When the righteous become numerous, the people rejoice;
when the wicked rule, the people groan.” Proverbs 29:2

Father God, we call Your people to look at the governmental mountain in our City. You need Your children to take positions in, and commit their time to, the governmental mountain – from which the rulings, laws and regulations that we all must follow in the natural emanate. Send many out of the various churches of the region, Lord, to work in this key mountain, so that Your Kingdom governmental principles can unfold in a more authoritative way in Colorado Springs.

(By Dianne)

We pray for PPCC’s military education programs . . .

Pikes Peak Community College has more military and veteran students than any other college in Colorado, and partners with Army and Air Force units to provide customized education and training. One such partnership involves providing specialized training to the U.S. Army Female Engagment Teams.

Father God, we pray for the success of the for-credit, modified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class taught to female soldiers and offered by PPCC in collaboration with Penrose-St. Francis Health Services. These soldiers are part of the U.S. Army’s Female Engagement Teams (FET), created to better meet the needs of women in Afghanistan. The Army’s male personnel are not permitted to touch Afghani women and so are not able to provide care for them.

Thank you, God, that although these female soldiers are being trained as EMTs, the program’s curriculum has expanded to address a broader range of health care issues (wellness, nutrition, women’s health, etc.) and multiculturalism with an emphasis on Muslim women and adult education principles in how to train Afghani women as providers of rudimentary medical care and trainers of other Afghani women.

We ask for your wisdom for the oil and gas industry…

“You must not pollute the land where you live.” Numbers 35:33

Thank you Father for the blessings of the energy sources we get from the earth. We pray that we could benefit from those blessings, but also be wise in protecting our city from the potential problems. Give those that are investigating the issues between now and when the drilling moratorium lifts in May wisdom so that we can reach the best combination of protection from harm and release of blessing.

We pray to be a loving, giving people . . .

“Every generous act of giving and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father who made the heavenly lights, in whom there is no inconsistency or shifting shadow.” –James 1:17

We pray, Father God, that the Church in our region would be filled with people of faith who live like God is the good, loving Father that He is, who give freely of their resources because they trust in His Father’s heart for His children.  Thank you, Father, for the many among your people who love others around them like Jesus does.  May it be a living testimony to the Giver of All Good Things.