Dance before the Lord

“David wearing a linen garment danced before the Lord with all his might” 2 Samuel 6:14

Father, let dance and drama return to your people with an abandon and release as David had. Let the people of Colorado Springs be free to sing and dance without regard for those around them. I ask that not only in the places of worship, but also in the public places men would shake off every inhibition and celebrate you with grace and favor. I pray that as they dance you would set many people free to know you. I also pray that public music and drama would empower the church to be bold and declare your goodness. Let this demonstration please you as we step into your rhythm. We ask all in the Name of Jesus.

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4 responses to “Dance before the Lord

  1. Jeff Martello

    Praying with you all!

  2. LOVE THIS! So much power, deliverance, and healing will be released as God raises up the dancers.

  3. A really BIG amen on this one.