We pray for the city’s troubled youth . . .

We pray for the troubled youth of this city. You are the God who comforts, encourages, refreshes and cheers the depressed and sinking (2 Cor 7:6). These children are in desperate need of You. Deliver them! Reveal Yourself to each individually as the One who sees, loves and heals.

Release Your friendship and counsel over them, that Your lamp would shine above and upon their heads that they would walk through darkness by Your light, in Jesus’ name (Job 29:3-4). We pray that Your presence and the words spoken by those who know You would drop upon these young people like a refreshing shower, with them opening their mouths wide as for spring rain. Smile on them when they have no confidence, for their depression does not hide the light of Your countenance. Chose their way for them and sit as their chief (Job 29:22-24).

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