Seeds in Burned-Over Ground

City transformation: seeds of hope and promises

  • Pray for our hope and faith in God’s promises for the city to be restored.

(Excerpt from a prophetic word given by Cindy Jacobs in Colorado Springs on August 9, 2013)
The winter is past, the spring has come.
There are seeds planted in this city that will grow.
There are seeds in the burned-over ground.
God is sending a new Pentecost, a visitation.
God is bringing the former and latter rain together.
It will saturate dry souls and dry land.
Seeds of hope and precious promises are in the ground of Colorado.
This is not burned ground, but rather it is prepared ground.
God is preparing a place in the city for a new thing that is a mix of the former and the latter.
Do not be discouraged, thinking your time has passed.
God is coming with a sudden visitation, a move of the Spirit that is unprecedented.

One response to “Seeds in Burned-Over Ground


    humbled, what beautiful words. Christ is glorified! Karla

    If we live good lives, the times are also good. As we are, such are the times. St. Augustine