The anointing of a Wilberforce

City Transformation: Reformation in the Legislature

  • Pray for God to raise up a new generation of young reformers who love him and the foundation of this nation.

(Excerpt from a prophetic word given in Colorado Springs by Cindy Jacobs on August 9, 2013)
The Lord says, “I will shake the state legislatures and cut off the iniquitous structures that have been built there. A new generation of young leaders who love me and the foundation of this nation are being sought by me and I have called them to run for government.”  God is going to raise up the Daniels from this state and they are being prepared. They are studying constitutional law right now. They are young firebrands and God is going to raise up those. And you will see: they will seemingly come out of nowhere, and they are going to have such an anointing on them. They’re going to have the anointing of a Wilberforce. They are going to be reformers.

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