Journey to Transformation

City Transformation: Discovery Weekend

  • Pray for God to visit the Discovery Weekend retreat and that he would instruct, guide, call and empower those who would facilitate the spiritual transformation of our city.

City Transformation: Ending Local Abortions

  • Continue to pray for the 40 Days for Life initiative.

This weekend, there is a Discovery Weekend retreat taking place that starts the Journey to Transformation for our city.

What is The Journey to Transformation?

The Journey to Transformation (JTT) is a process that is designed to prepare a community for Divine visitation and subsequent societal transformation — a condition otherwise known as spiritual awakening.

The process itself can last anywhere from three months to a year — depending upon a community’s readiness to free itself from competing distractions. This time is spent understanding God’s expectations, counting the cost to proceed, building individual and corporate faith, confessing and repenting of known sin, and prevailing with God in prayer.

The Discovery Weekend is the first step on the road to transformation. Open to anyone, it begins by establishing the need for transforming revival, moves on to define what success looks like, and ends with a thorough discussion of both the process and cost of preparing for a Divine visitation.

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