Bring the Young to Our City – Artists

City Transformation: Bringing Young Artists to the City

  • Pray that our city would attract and support young artists who will shape our city’s culture to be more like the Kingdom of God.

City Transformation: Ending Local Abortions

  • Continue to pray for the 40 Days for Life initiative.

The Gazette published a two-part series on the benefits and difficulties of drawing young professionals to our city. God has a few ideas on how to accomplish it:

In Lance Wallnau’s presentation, Permission to Be You, he talks about the importance of believers being involved with every sphere of society.

Also, the Gazette article reported the belief among city leaders that young professionals are drawn and retained by culture — arts, music, cinema, etc.

Arts, music, and cinema do not have to be ungodly! We have the opportunity to pray in the artists who are world class in their talent and give expression to goodness, beauty, the greatness of his Kingdom, and the power of redemption to bring good to all of our city.

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