An End of Violence

City Transformation: Culture of Life through an end of violence

  • Pray that our city will become a city of peace instead of violence, and that those bound by anger and hatred would be set free to love and forgive.  Also, pray for resolve and reparation for long-standing, unsolved murders in our region.

We continue to pray for a culture of life in our city and a reduction/elimination of untimely and/or violent death.  Our region’s suicide rate is 18.6/100,000 (way above the national average). We are above the national average in murder, rape and assault, as well, and our military personnel often “bring home” the traumas of death and destruction.  Our region continues to reap a legacy of lawlessness and murders, some still unsolved or unpunished.  We as the Church can intercede for a reversal of that legacy.

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