Resolve for Recent Unsolved Deaths

City Transformation: Culture of Life through Justice and Atonement

  • Pray for atonement from the guilt of unsolved murders and for the truth to be revealed. Today, pray particularly for the resolutions of recent unsolved deaths including those of  UCCS student Angelina Sicola and Dylan Redwine.

We continue to pray for a culture of life in our city and a reduction/elimination of untimely and/or violent death. There are a number of cold cases in this region: along Ute Pass, in Manitou Springs, and in Colorado Springs. Deuteronomy 21:1-9 instructed the Israelites to make atonement when an unsolved murder was discovered so that the people of the region would not be guilty of shedding innocent blood. We are praying this week for atonement for our region and for the resolution of these mysteries.

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