Physicians and the Great Physician

City Transformation: Healing

  • Colorado Springs has a shortage of primary care physicians.  Pray for our area physicians that they would work with the Great Physician to assist healing for those who seek them.  Pray that they would have the resources and insight they need for their patients.

Colorado Springs and its surrounds has historically been a place where people from near and far have sought healing.  Early in its history, the area’s natural springs were believed to be curative, and more tangibly, the city hosted a TB sanatorium in a building currently part of the UCCS campus. Some have declared that healing is in the redemptive purpose of Colorado Springs.

Prophetic voices across the nation have spoken of a new visitation of supernatural healing, which has not been operative in this country since the passage of Roe v. Wade.  In Colorado specifically, Graham Cooke prophesied: “Behold the water level is rising and the place of healing is rising with it. Miracles, signs, wonders, and the raising of the dead to life.  All things are possible in the river of my blessing” (Aug. 2012).

We want to continue praying for the fulfillment of this prophesy, not only in spiritual and church gatherings, but also in the medical facilities across the region.

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