Essence of Revival 4

City Transformation: Praying for Revival

  • Pray for God to release his supernatural power to bring personal and community transformation, demonstrating more of who he is to the people of our city

Over the last three or four centuries of church history, when God transforms many people across an entire city or region, we often call it a “revival”.  In a sincere desire to experience revival, we sometimes schedule a series of meetings in a church or a tent.  Revival, however, is something God does, not something we do.  The essence of revival includes the following:

  • A tangible and strong sense of God’s presence
  • An increased awareness of our need for God
  • An increase in people’s desire to have a relationship with God
  • A widespread release of God’s power that brings healing, salvation, provision and other supernatural phenomena
  • Clear and long-lasting transformation of many people’s lives

Let’s pray for God to visit our city and bring the transforming event that we call “revival.”

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