Higher Ed 4

City Transformation: Economics of Education

  • Pray that the colleges and universities of our region would offer education that is worth the money and that students wouldn’t be encumbered with more debt than they can be reasonably expected to pay.

The institutions of Higher Ed in our city have a profound impact on the region.  They are the training ground for tomorrow’s leaders in most areas of society.  This week we are praying for all of the institutions of higher education in our region:

  1. University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (UCCS)
  2. US Air Force Academy
  3. Pikes Peak Community College
  4. Colorado College
  5. Colorado Technical University
  6. Regent University
  7. Colorado Christian University
  8. Nazarene Bible College
  9. DeVry University
  10. National American University
  11. University of Phoenix
  12. CollegeAmerica

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