Canopy of Glory

City Transformation: Prayer for Protection

  • Pray for God to build a canopy of his glory over the city through our prayers and his presence in us.

On Fri, Apr 26, 2013, Terri Brown wrote: “Recently, as a watchman for Colorado Springs, I was given a warning for this city. I believe God releases these types of warnings to alert the intercessors to be vigilant and to watch over their area of influence. Many times we can avert evil with our prayers. . . . As we have been praying we feel as if we have a strategy of the Lord for this season.”

One key part of the strategy: I sensed the Lord wants to create a canopy of His glory over this city. We as believers carry a measure of his glory that we can release as we go. When I release the glory I carry and you release the glory you carry and this is multiplied we do our part to create the Is. 4 canopy and give the Lord something to cooperate with over our city. We can ask those we influence that every where they go to release His glory into schools, churches, parks, neighborhoods and businesses. We can teach our six year olds to say this as they step into their schools, “I release the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.” This can be done quietly, but when released with great faith can have great impact. Let’s extend this canopy over the whole state.

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