Release the Goodness of God

City Transformation: God Released in Our City

  • Pray for a release of the glory of the Lord, the zeal of the Lord, the love of the Lord, the protection of the Lord, the peace of God, the voice of the Lord, the healing of the Lord, the light of Jesus and the goodness of God.

On Fri, Apr 26, 2013, Terri Brown wrote: “Recently, as a watchman for Colorado Springs, I was given a warning for this city. I believe God releases these types of warnings to alert the intercessors to be vigilant and to watch over their area of influence. Many times we can avert evil with our prayers. . . . As we have been praying we feel as if we have a strategy of the Lord for this season.”

One key part of the strategy: Focus on what God is doing and what He desires to do. Overcome evil with good. Release: The glory of the Lord, The zeal of the Lord, The love of the Lord, The protection of the Lord, The peace of God, The voice of the Lord, The healing of the Lord, The light of Jesus. The possibilities are limitless as we release the goodness of God.


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