Our City’s Roots 1

City Transformation: Fulfilling our long-time callings

  • Pray for our city to be hospitable and welcoming to visitors, that they would find restoration and rest here as well as be drawn to the creator while they are in the region.

There are characteristics and callings for our city that have grown out of our earliest days.  This week we will be praying for God’s purposes in these “roots” of our city to be fulfilled.  Each day we will leverage the history of a downtown building to guide our prayers (Reference).

Cheyenne Building 2 East Pikes Peak Avenue

Built 1901 / Architect Roberts and Bishoff No. 1

Cheyenne Building

Constructed as an office building serving the western terminus of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, the second and third stories of this building contained sleeping rooms with shared bathrooms to house railroad company agents. The Cheyenne Building was used as a hotel between 1909 and 1963, focusing on the business traveler and tourists who preferred accommodations less lavish than the Antlers or Acacia Park hotels. A commercial application of Classical Revival architecture, the building was developed by the local firm of Roberts and Bishoff, after their work on the Mining Exchange Building (No. 11) and before the construction of the 2nd Antler’s Hotel (demolished 1965). Sporadically used through the 1970’s and 1980’s, the building was slated for demolition in 1990 to provide yet another parking lot. The building’s demise was stalled by the City’s first use of its Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. The owner of the Wynkoop Brewing Company, John Hickenlooper (later elected as Denver’s mayor), purchased the building in 1991, restored it and opened the Phantom Canyon Brewing Company brewpub in 1993. State Register eligible.

2 responses to “Our City’s Roots 1

  1. Hi Mike and Marggie,

    Thank you so much for continuing the Colorado Springs Prayer Focus! I appreciate the reminders of so many things to pray about/for within our community.

    Patty Hoffman and I have a specific request for prayer (not needing to be published) about Ballet Society of Colorado Springs’ and the Colorado Youth Ballet’s 2017 special 20th Anniversary Colorado Nutcracker production.

    Our vision for this event is to highlight some of the wonderful history of our community by presenting a historical look back into the origins of our city through the popular tale of the Nutcracker. The music and storyline will be traditional, but the historical elements will include Gen. William Palmer’s family in the Stahlbaum family role, Tesla in the Drosselmeyer role, and the Penrose, Tutt, McAllister, Stratton, Van Briggle, and other founding/early families as guests at the party scene.

    We really want to capitalize on (and inspire a revival of) some of the beautiful early intentions for the Front Range-as you have outlined in the highlighted portion of your email below.

    The Antlers Hotel (which has recently been acquired by the same people who own the Mining Exchange) has agreed to sponsor our event and we will be meeting with other potential sponsors soon as well.

    If you would be willing to be prayer partners with us in this venture, I’ll be happy to give you a list and updates of specific prayer points. Please let me know what you think of this.

    Thank you so much for considering this request-we believe in and depend upon the power of prayer!


  2. Donna,

    Please pass along info and prayer requests for the Nutcracker performance you are planning. We will include them in our posts on CS Prayer Focus and invite the team to pray.