Our City’s Roots 4

City Transformation: Fulfilling our long-time callings

  • Pray for our city to be a place where average people band together and support one another, much like the Odd Fellows have done since our early days.

There are characteristics and callings for our city that have grown out of our earliest days.  This week we will be praying for God’s purposes in these “roots” of our city to be fulfilled.  Each day we will leverage the history of a downtown building to guide our prayers (Reference).

Odd Fellows Hall
118-30 North Nevada Avenue
Built 1909-1910 / Architect T. E. Linn
No. 28

Odd Fellows building
The Odd Fellows Hall is a two-story red brick building built with storefronts
on the first story and a fraternal lodge on the second. The building was constructed for the Pikes Peak Lodge No. 38, International Order of Odd
Fellows. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, imported to this country in 1819
from England, was organized for the purpose of giving aid to those in need and
of pursuing projects for the benefit of all mankind. This was regarded as an
uncommon practice in 17th century England, which resulted in the name; the
moniker of Odd Fellows was reinforced by their groundbreaking decision to
admit women via the Rebekah Charter in 1851. Retail stores and offices have
traditionally occupied the ground floor of this building. The Odd Fellows Hall
illustrates the importance of fraternal activities in the lives of Colorado Springs’
men in the early 20th century.

2 responses to “Our City’s Roots 4

  1. OI wonder what the odd fellows believes.. Some how I thought it was similar to the Masons, IE good looking on the outside, poisin on the inside?

  2. I included a link to their web site so that everyone could read what they present to the world.