Our City’s Roots 3

City Transformation: Fulfilling our long-time callings

  • Pray for our city to be a place of wealth and generosity, drawing on the example of Winfield Scott Stratton.

There are characteristics and callings for our city that have grown out of our earliest days.  This week we will be praying for God’s purposes in these “roots” of our city to be fulfilled.  Each day we will leverage the history of a downtown building to guide our prayers (Reference).

Post Office / Independence Building
121 East Pikes Peak Avenue
Built 1898 / Architect Roberts & Bishoff
No. 12

Post Office - Independence Building
This is the third building in the vicinity associated with Winfield Scott Stratton, whose statue figures prominently in the median just west of Nevada Avenue. Designed and built by the firm of Roberts and Bishoff in an Italian Renaissance Revival style, the first floor use of the building was that of a post office, which continued until the erection of the new post office across the Nevada Avenue in 1910. Offices in the upper stories were popular with physicians, real estate firms and accountants. The structure was renamed the Independence Building in 1910 in honor of Stratton’s flagship Independence Mine, which had been discovered on the Fourth of July 1891. Operated by the Stratton estate, the profits from the building benefited the Myron Stratton Home, an institution created through Stratton’s will to provide for poor children and the elderly on an estate on Nevada Avenue, south of downtown. State Register eligible.

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  1. Mike,

    I appreciate your focus and the visuals that you are highlighting.

    Blessings to you and Marggie.