Declaring the Kingdom 3

City Transformation: Declaring the vision

  • Declare: Colorado Springs is a city where God’s people move in supernatural healing of all kinds.  Signs, wonders and miracles flow naturally and happen regularly.  It is easy to get saved here and salvations happen daily.  As the Body of Christ in our city, we are so sensitive to the Spirit’s leading, we regularly lead people to Christ and intentionally disciple them.

The Scriptures say that we are not only saved from sin but we are saved to a new, divine nature that reflects the God we love.  A group of prayer leaders in the city have put together a series of declarations of what God wants our city to be.  This week we will be declaring this vision for our city in faith, releasing God’s resurrection power that he placed within us in order to bring the vision to its full expression among us.

2 responses to “Declaring the Kingdom 3

  1. Judy Fosburgh

    I love this site, Mike! Thank you for doing this! We’re declaring it for Teller County as well.

  2. Thanks for joining us in prayer for the region. Blessings, Mike