Declaring the Kingdom 6

City Transformation: Declaring the vision

  • Declare: People in Colorado Springs are happy, healthy, and full of joy, peace and love.  The Spirit of God hovers over our city ready to perform His will and the Church is His voice to speak that will into existence.  We, the Body of Christ in Colorado Springs, speak blessings over our city and her people regularly.  We speak blessings and destiny over each other.  We bless and we do not curse with our mouths what God intends to bless.  We honor each other with our mouths and our attitudes and our deeds.

The Scriptures say that we are not only saved from sin but we are saved to a new, divine nature that reflects the God we love.  A group of prayer leaders in the city have put together a series of declarations of what God wants our city to be.  This week we will be declaring this vision for our city in faith, releasing God’s resurrection power that he placed within us in order to bring the vision to its full expression among us.

2 responses to “Declaring the Kingdom 6

  1. I love being part of prayer for this city. But this particular prayer sits funny with me. Should we really declare that people be happy, healthy, etc. . . . when we may be declaring that they feel great, apart from God? If people are happy outside of relationship with Him, how will they ever find the Living Water to quench their ongoing thirst? I think it’s risky to “declare” what we perceive to be God’s best, instead of asking Him for His best for every precious life in our city. Thanks for considering this.

  2. Let me ask you this…is everyone in heaven healthy and happy? We are declaring what it would be like for the kingdom of heaven to come in fullness to our city. It is ok to declare and pray for the features of heaven to come to earth.