Praying for Fulfillment 4

City Transformation: Praying for the fulfillment of prophetic words

  • Pray for those called to lead the prayer and spiritual warfare for our region would step up and take their rightful places

This week we will be praying for the fulfillment of a prophetic word that was spoken over our state by someone who has never been to our state: A Word for Colorado: “I Have Not Forgotten My Promises Over You” (Ivan Roman)

“I can’t seem to shake this word that I have in my heart for Colorado. I have never been to Colorado nor do I know any churches there personally.

I kept seeing mountains trembling as the Glory of God fell on the state. Colorado is about to have a visitation of the Glory of God. I kept seeing the prayers of the saints being poured out on Colorado. I felt to declare a time of shaking and what has felt to many like sifting has come to an end. Colorado is stepping into the prophetic destiny and the answer to the prayers of the saints.

It felt as though many in the Church of Colorado had lost hope that their prayers weren’t going to be fulfilled. I kept hearing the Father say, “I have not forgotten My promises over you.” I kept seeing images of small churches, ministries and gatherings where people had been contending for a move of the Spirit. What has felt like brass ceilings is being lifted, an oppressive Spirit is being replaced with the light of His Glory.

I saw intercessors and prayer warriors emerging from this great state. As there is a change in the guard so to speak in leadership. God is establishing His government, a new wineskin to hold the new wine of His Glory.”

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